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     "There are special memories "built inside" of the earrings that I made with EAE's help and every time I see them or chose them to wear I smile.  They remind me of a special evening with friends and family. Old friends that are family. Lots of laughter and giggles.  They are beautiful pairs of earrings that bring compliments every time I wear them but even more meaningful are the memories that I have that bring a smile to my heart.  I wish I lived closer and could visit more often."

     -Dana Russell



     "I have known Teri for over a decade and have found her to be an artist who is very enthusiastic about her art. Both her and Kaurie love meeting new people and sharing their love of making one of a kind creations. EAE's vast knowledge and tremendous patience allows everyone in their presence to feel special and accomplished as they are walked through the process of creating a piece of art to call their own. By the end of the workshop, everyone will have created their own special piece(s) and walk away with an insight into their world and a better appreciation of the handmade art world."
     -Elaine Ware

Elevated Art Experience
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