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6758' Gifting

an Artisan Concierge Service

Finding inspiration in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, immersed in the rich colors of the Colorado seasons, and surrounded by breath-taking beauty, our Colorado artisans create one of a kind gifts for all your Executive, Corporate, or personal needs.


6758’ Gifting items are handcrafted by order. We want to provide an item that isn’t like every other branded item received. An item that recipients will keep and reflect on for years to come. Our goal is that every time the individual looks at their gifted art, the individual will reminisce on their time spent in beautiful Colorado marking the moment in time that they received their gift. Items are handcrafted per order. For ceramic, wood and watercolor, a 6 week lead time is necessary. Hand painted glass items, gnomes, and cookies 1 week.

Hand-Painted Glass

Hand painted Aspen Glassware (other glass items available upon request)


Red Wine Glass (20 oz): $48

White Wine Glass (15 oz): $40

Whiskey Glass (8 oz): $45

Bud Vase: $30

Hot Beverage or Beer Mug: $45

Champagne Glass: $45


Add logo on bottom: an additional $7.00 per glass item.


For all ceramic items: add your stamped logo on bottom for a one time set up fee of $50



Carved Vases: $32            With Gold Rim: $40

Non carved Vase: $28      With Gold Rim: $36

Trinket Dishes

Carved: $20              With Gold Rim: $28

Non carved: $16       With Gold Rim: $24


Carved: $32                 With Gold Rim: $40

Non Carved: $26        With Gold Rim: $34

Hot Cocoa Spoon

Normal: $5          With Gold Accent: $8


All wooden items are made to order. The Executive gifts are one of a kind and those pictured may not be available but similar can be made. Each of the Executive gifts are made of exotic wood. Reflected in pricing is the rarity of the wood. Logos can be added for an additional charge.

Vase: $495 (SOLD)

Bowl: $120

French Rolling Pins: $75 - $95

Round Lid Bowl with Lid: $180

Pot with screw lid: $525


Colorado Themed Postcards: $10.00. Postcards can be personalized.

Colorado Themed 5” x Watercolor Paintings

With 11” x 14” Mat: $95                Without Mat: $75


Colorado S'gnomie: $45

Hand crocheted Hat. Variety of colors. With leather Colorado “C” Patch. All handsewn.

Colorado Golf Gnome: $55

Golf Gnome has a white golf ball in the green pom-pom on hat. All handsewn.

Optional for all Gnomes: Add your logo on bottom of each gnome. Pricing dependent on logo and amount.


Colorado Themed Sugar Cookies: Minimum 6 (high resolution or vector file). All cookies packaged with ribbon and candy confetti in package. Pricing does not include sales tax. Sales tax is added unless tax exemption number is provided.


Regular sized round or square: $5.00 per cookie.

Oversized (equivalent to two regular size): $8.00 per cookie.

Add thumbprint or Mexican Wedding cake cookie: $1.50 per cookie.

Western Inspired Pendants Incentive Reception

Each participant will select one premium stone and will receive a finished pendant that is made with .925 U.S. Sterling Silver. A sustainable sourced deerskin lacing will complete the necklace. Vegan options are available with prior arrangement. All stones and materials used are ethically sourced. 


Participants enjoy touching and searching for the perfect stone. Once returned home, each time the participant wears their necklace, it transports them back to the exact moment and place that they chose their stone. As others comment on their beautiful necklace, they reflect back to the time spent in beautiful Colorado. 

Call for pricing.

Custom Packaging

Let us take the stress out of packaging your hand made gift. Design a Colorado themed gift basket/tote for your corporate event, incentive gifting, event gifts. 

Specifically chosen packaging, customized bags. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and fit to your budget/needs.

Contact us for more information.

Other Artisan Items

We are as limited as your imagination. With years of experience in the art world and 20 years creating immersive art experiences in the 5-star hospitality industry, we love working with you to make your ideas a reality.

Other items created:

journals (leather bound, water color cover, custom inserts related to theme/event)

custom designed t-shirts/pool bags/tennis shoes

jewelry (charm bracelets, earrings)

leather goods (drink koozie, key chains, zipper pulls) 

engraved water bottles

coasters (wood, glass, slate)

hand painted wood coasters/ornaments

hand painted slate art pieces 

The possibilities are truly endless!

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