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Elevated Art Experience Team. Mother and Daughter, Teri Adams-Fjelman and Kaurie Fjellman. Loving all things Colorado.

Teri Adams-Fjellman: Owner, Artist

21 years ago, stage 4 cancer took owner/artist Teri out of the classroom. During her healing period Teri turned to her art. Silk painting and jewelry were the mediums that called to her the most. When doing art, she entered that quiet in-between place where she believes that healing begins. 3 days after her first cancer surgery, she was contacted by a Destination Company. They asked if she would sit at a table and demonstrate her art at a reception being held at Southern Colorado’s only 5 star 5 diamond hotel. What Teri didn’t realize was that this art reception was for 250 meeting planners from across the United States. 2 weeks after the art demonstration, Teri’s phone rang and was asked if she could do a jewelry workshop for spouse’s at an upcoming conference. blessings! Jewelry and Art Workshops was born - which has now evolved into Elevated Art Experience and 6758' Gifting. It is Teri’s desire that art be available to all to open creativity for problem solving or to use as a tool in healing. It is Teri’s belief that each person has the inherent ability to create, they just may need a little guidance.

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