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blessings! Jewelry handcrafted in Colorado

Artisan Jewelry

Dwelling in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, immersed in the rich colors of the Colorado seasons, and surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of our Colorado outdoors. blessings! Jewelry combines natural materials, and inspiration from their surroundings, to create one of a kind jewelry.

Quality Elements

Being a part of the jewelry industry has led us on a journey of discovery. This journey has brought us to the realization that the jewelry industry is riddled with unethical practices. We strive to purchase our raw materials from ethical sources; i.e., our sterling silver comes from the United States and we purchase our stones from responsible suppliers. We also refuse to purchase conflict minerals, like Lapis Lazuli. Conflict minerals are those that directly fund war and terrorism, or control of the material has been forcibly seized by local governments. To further these efforts, we donate to a local organization that fights human trafficking on a global scale. 10% of all workshop revenue is donated to the Exodus Road ( 

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry Colorado
Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry From Colorado

Wrapped in Blessings

As I have gotten older, I have realized that I come from I long line of artists. My grandmother was a textile artist, mainly quilting. When I was a child I was fascinated watching her deftly stitch every tiny, complicated, intricate stitch. She told me that with every stitch, she would say a prayer or a 'blessing" to the person she was making the quilt for. That way, the recipient would be wrapped in blessings. I have carried this tradition into my jewelry making. For every wrap, every twist, and every bend of the wire, I say a "blessing" to the future wearer. May they carry those blessings with them always.

Wedding Jewelry

The day you have dreamed of is finally about to happen. You have planned every detail. You want your day to reflect your own unique personality. After all, this just isn’t a day for anything cookie cutter. Now you can have jewelry that truly reflects you. Either have blessings! create the perfect pieces or you can! Make your wedding jewelry something your attendants will talk about for years to come. Design the pieces for your maid of honor and brides maids or have your wedding party create their own. Each piece will show the unique personality of the person, while staying true to the theme and colors of your wedding. Add in Wined and Wired or a brides’ luncheon and you have the perfect formula for stunning jewelry and a true memory builder.

Handcrafted Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry Colorado
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